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You are just amazing, you have inspired me to make house... But, I cant! I cant find things like your filtered bass and any of the synths you use. I love this alot :D
This is amazing!
Just plain amazing!


This sounds alot like Tiesto too :D
I love tiesto.
Therefore I love you.

BrokenCrossfader responds:

I'm not familiar with Tiesto producing anything that sounds remotely to Progressive House because honestly, as a producer, Tiesto is kinda over-rated IMO.

But thanks a lot for checking out my tunes :D



I love the bass at the starting.. TOTALLY Oldskool!
Love it!
One thing ive noticed. Every song I listen to of yours had a small ring in the BG. Idk whats up but FL usually doesnt do that.. Oh well :D Sonds pretty cool =3

Murcielago1 responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it, Dj-S. I did this a while ago, when I was just starting to work with FL Studio. I guess this one was one of very few that came out good. I'm still practicing with music.
Your songs are really cool too :D

Uh oh. Long review =P lol

There is alot of compression... ALOT of compression...
That might need to be messed around with.
Also the part at 1:29 is verrry off tune in the second note... I love the part right after though then it goes to the synth bongo sounding things and that was a little awkward and the transition was a little rough. Once again at 3:05 Yes, it was a transition but the transition was way too off tune.... I see what you are trying to do though. kinda the classic sudden tune change. Thats really hard to do sometimes but it was a good try :D I dont usually leave these kind of reviews but i sensed alot of potential in your work. =3

Murcielago1 responds:

I know what you mean. Thanks for the helpful review, Sacrafan.


Its exactly the same as the original except vocals are reversed...


this is worth the 5's

ErikMcClure responds:

xD thanks, the contest was really fun :D

Really smooth

I like this =3

boney-man responds:

thanks man, it's not even near my best lol.

Wow XD

Those people out there are bitches..
Ok, well, this is pretty cool.
Dont really have anything to say...

Pretty cool!

You made some of the FL Core presets sound OK, pretty good job, you should get nexus =3

Box-Killa responds:

hehe i remember i didnt even know how to get other synths back then so i had to use what I had. It worked out quite well, in fact through the harsh restricition i was able to make some awesome songs which i will probably not make again.

Am I

Suddenly as good as you?
lol this is cool.
U use sytrus still though =/

LOST-R34LITY responds:

Yeah I'm working on buying a whole bunch of new vsts and such so i wont be using sytrus anymore- finally!

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